The CSS Workshop

Welcome to the CSS Workshop

If you ever feel as if writing CSS is all trial and error, or you spend more time searching for a cheatsheet than writing code. These courses will help.

By really understanding CSS, you will find it easier to create good solutions to problems, deal with older browsers, and be creative in your web designs.

The courses take the form of video tutorials with code starting points to follow along. You’ll need a text editor, a web browser or two and a desire to really understand CSS.

About Rachel Andrew

I've been writing about and teaching CSS since CSS was first available in web browsers. In the last few years I've been a member of the W3C CSS Working Group, helping to create CSS specifications and also gaining an even deeper insight into how CSS works.

I'm Editor in Chief of Smashing Magazine, the co-founder of two digital products (Perch and Notist), and I love to share the things I have learned about CSS and web development in a career that now spans over 20 years.

Rachel speaking

All new for 2020

I'm currently relaunching the CSS Layout courses previously hosted on another platform. All material is newly recorded, and every video has captions.

Currently the CSS Grid and the Browser Compatibility course are published. If you want to be first to access the rest of the material as it goes online, buy The Complete Course, and use the code EARLYBIRD for a discount.